Grace Notes

Weekly Devotions from Landmark Baptist Church

Thanksgiving 2008 (Issue 1.14)

Originally Written for 11/23/08)

Every year at Thanksgiving time I put together a list of things for which I’m thankful.  So, today, I’m presenting to you my annual Thanksgiving list.   Some are silly and some are serious, some are though-provoking and some are probably insignificant.  Some you’ll understand but others you won’t.  They’re listed in no particular order, except the order they come to me in.  That’s okay, though, because this is my list of what I’m thankful for.  Hopefully, you can make one, too.

Have a blessed, joyous, and gracious Thanksgiving!

–    Tom

Music, God’s love, forgiveness, friends, family, pets, Christoff, Cosette, Gingerbread, Oliver, Sophie, Chloe Faith, a loving wife, Mary, a good job, kids, love, hope, Christ’s death and resurrection, a wonderful church, Pastor Bill, wood-burning fireplaces, books to read, blankets, snowy days, Mac computers, Office, iPods, gas stoves, Bible study groups, choir, praise team, prayer, the Holy Spirit living in me, pizza, PEP, Maggiano’s, worship, hymnals, songs, Christian radio, leather portfolios, paper pads, pens and pencils, paper clips, washers and driers, dish washers, clean clothes, the minivan, a car, falling gas prices, a home, freezers and refrigerators, Andy, Ken, JW, Bob & Lily, the Greens, pianos, guitars, African drums, drum circles, World Music Drumming, air planes, traveling to other places, condos in NC, Craig, Eric, Mike, Claudia, Rhonda, Amy, all the kids, second chances (and third ones, too!), mint M&Ms, Peppermint-Chocolate Chip milkshakes from Chick-fila, Steak-n-Shake, hamburgers on the grill, outside fire-pits, new decks, swings, parks, The Goose, kayaks, mountains, bikes, new friends, help, grace, scissors, telephones (though not the cell kind), great secretaries, “Paid in Full”, nursery workers, friends for Chloe, warm food, microwaves (most of the time), french fries at the fair, sheds, lawnmowers that work and keep on working, wireless keyboards, DVR (can I hear an AMEN?!), orchestra, drama productions, playing with my wife and daughter, Shenandoah, the Blue Ridge Parkway, the AT, hiking on the trail, Thanksgiving, freedom, those who fought for our freedom, prayer, being made right with God, holiness, Daniel, index cards, Sudoku, Settlers, fall leaves, expandable tables, silverware, balloons and bubbles, “Hello!”, “Daa-DEEEE!!”, a good relationship with my in-laws, loving and supportive parents, Dr. Seuss, Max Lucado, CD players, rocking chairs, rocking the baby to sleep, John Ortberg, Pastor Marv, Larry, change (in real life and in my pocket), trips to DC, “Mooooooo”, apple orchards, deer, new paint (and carpet, too), David & Dava, baby backpacks, disposable diapers, trash collectors, the mail man, new trees, days off work, discipline-free days, Excel, Frank the piano tuner, Grant, Star Trek: TNG, the Food Network (because it gives Melissa good ideas for food!), Oreos, Okracoke, smoothies, a Skinny Monkey, chocolate (dark, white, and even milk), lasagna, our country, the Bill Engval Show, snuggling on the couch, lying on the floor, teddy bears, bath time, hot water in the shower, remote-starts, the ability to work, electricity, a working furnace, eternal life, Erin, books-on-iPod, the Bible, colored paper, laser printers, cordless phones, keys, fishes, baby signs, blue eyes, an attic, fences, pooper-scoopers, CWT on the Palm, entering everything in Fulcrum, email, digital cameras, external hard drives, wise counsel, patience, phone books (online and in print), church directories, going out to lunch, dinner invitations, rechargeable batteries, the grocery store, paper bags (instead of plastic), litter boxes, Little People, bed-time stories, Chloe’s special CD, a house, mac & cheese, a sandwich-press, blenders, Great Outdoors, a good doctor, flower boxes with flowers, the pond, bocce, gas grills, Christmas lights, Christmas trees, cards, multiple bedrooms, childhood memories, new Bibles, toilets that flush, running water,  Jiffy Crunchy Peanut Butter, homemade apple sauce and pies, glasses, wedding rings, new shoes, car seats, goin’ to the river, Lowes, David, people who listen, counselors, teachers, a great staff, bus drivers (believe me on this), the cafeteria people, lunch every day, pick-me-ups, making people smile, connecting people with God.


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