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Weekly Devotions from Landmark Baptist Church

Shared Leadership (Issue 1.15)

Originally Written for 1/4/09

Wow, it’s hard to believe we’ve finished our first six months working together – in some ways it seems like just yesterday I was here meeting you for our first rehearsal and in other ways I feel like I’ve been here forever (in a good way)!  It’s also hard to believe we’ve finished the Christmas cantata and now are looking forward to new music.

One thing I fully believe in is shared leadership between everyone involved in the choir – you will rarely hear me speak of “my” choir (and if I do it’s a mistake); I believe this is “God’s” choir and I’m just the steward of it.  If we ever start talking about “our” choir or “my” choir I believe we’ve shifted our focus off the person for whom we sing – we don’t sing for ourselves or even the congregation, we sing (or should be singing) for God and God alone.

With that understanding, I also look for leaders to help me (and all of us) out.  So far Cheryl has stepped up and volunteered to be our librarian and she’s doing a fantastic job.  But now it’s time to begin looking for other leaders.  The first of these will be our choir president.  The choir president will be responsible to assist me in some “managerial” duties, so to speak.   One will be to get stuff organized at rehearsals or before we sing if I’m tied up doing something and can’t be present right away (like meeting with sound folks), or for helping “gather” everyone into the rehearsal space so I can focus on starting rehearsal.  Another role will is being responsible for our (yet to happen) monthly birthday celebrations (once we get a President you’ll find out what that is).  This person will also assist in acting as a contact person for me and for you to go to.

If you would be interested in serving in this capacity, or would like to nominate someone to serve in this capacity, please email, call, or see me and I can give you more information.


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