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Weekly Devotions from Landmark Baptist Church

Music Selection for Worship (Part 2) (Issue 1.24)

Originally Written for 3/15/09

Two weeks ago our devotional looked at the outline of the service for last week thematically and how the music was put together.  Let’s look now at this morning’s service and also at next week’s service.

First, our theme for these two weeks is “Leaving a Godly Heritage”, so this morning it focused on the primary way we leave a Godly heritage – passed on via the family.  Next week we’ll look at discipleship and missions.

This morning’s service began with a call to worship, which was a prayer that those behind us will always “Find us Faithful”.  This was to help focus the congregation (and us) on our role as disciplers.  Next, we sang the congregational song Jesus Loves the Little Children, which should remind us of the importance God places on children and our responsibility to pass the faith on to them (both our own and others in our realm of influence).  The special music today came from the kids, which should have reinforced this idea.  Next, we sang a medley that focused us on the Christian Home, serving as both an opportunity for us to pledge ourselves to God’s leadership and also to pray for His guidance in our homes.  Our choir anthem today was chosen for the 3rd verse that reads, “For the joy of human love, brother, sister, parent child, friends on earth, and friends above…”  Part of the joy of human love is sharing God’s love with those around us.

Next week we’ll continue the theme of “Leaving a Godly Heritage”, but we’ll grow out from the family and begin to look at discipleship of others and missions outreach.  Our music begins with a prayer of confession and re-dedication as we seek to follow Christ (Dear Lord & Father of Mankind).  Next, we’ll read scripture and sing a congregational hymn about going and “making disciples”.  Special music will highlight the various seasons of change in our lives as we sense God’s presence in it, and we’ll sing a final congregational song of commitment to go and serve the Lord through witnessing and giving.  Just before the sermon the choir will sing a prayer anthem asking God to focus us on others and reaching them.

As I wrote two weeks ago, it is my prayer that through the music in the worship service you come to meet & experience the risen Christ in such a powerful way you seek to share Him with others.


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