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Weekly Devotions from Landmark Baptist Church

Opening Day (Issue 1.26)

Originally Written for 3/29/09

We’re getting close to the big da – yup, it’s gonna happen next weekend.  Can you even stand it?  Baseball is back!

That’s right – next weekend Spring Training will officially end and the 2009 season will start.  For all us Chicago Cubs fans out there, this means it could finally be “Next Year”! (of course, we’ve been saying that for, oh, let’s just say, over a century…)

Really, though – and I’m completely serious – this could be the year for the Cubs.  We came so close last year – I mean, we came really close (I still think the reason we didn’t win was because I was distracted from praying for important stuff – like the Cubs winning the World Series – because I was too busy starting a new job at a new church, but that’s for another devotional…).  This could be the year!

Have you ever thought about all things different things we look forward to?  Going to the game, watching the game on TV, seeing the latest movie, going to watch… well, just about anything.

Do you have that same excitement about coming to church to meet God?  Do you look forward to it like you do the start of a new season?  Do you miss it when you don’t make it (either because you’re sick or out of town)?  Or are you more like a baseball fan who missed the coverage of Wimbleton? (BTW, when is Wimbelton?  And why do they waste money putting something like that on TV?)

Anyway, I digress…

The point here is that we should savor our moments with God in worship.  I recently completed a student entitled, “Experiencing Worship”.  It focused on how we can truly encounter God during our worship times – both public and private.  The first thing it focused on was identifying and understanding who it is we worship.

Our passions stem from our desires (duh), and those come from our hearts.  Have you ever sung a song that said something along the lines of “My desire is to worship you”?  Now be honest – were those merely words, or is that truly the desire of your heart?

Too often I look forward to things in this world that are of little or no eternal worth and then take God and his grace for granted.  Too often I make a bigger deal out of Opening Day than I do Sunday church.  Could that be a reflection of my heart?


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