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Walking in Sandals (Issue 1.27)

Originally Written for 4/26/09

Today since it was hot I wore my sandals and we spent a good deal of the day outside – went to Kid Fest, Plant & See, the park, in the yard, etc.  At Plant & See I walked through lots of muddy areas to find rose bushes for Melissa, at the park I chased Chloe through the wood chips, and in the yard I helped Melissa plant a rose bush and then sat with Chloe as she played in the sand box.

Needless to say, my feet were rather dirty – except where the sandals straps were.

Now you’re probably thinking I’m going to talk about the story of Jesus washing his disciples’ feet, and how gross that was, and how dirty their feet got, and yada-yada-yada.

But I’m not.

I’m going to talk about the straps on my sandals.  See, when I took off my sandals, you could tell where they had been – you could see the white skin that wasn’t dirty because they had been protected by the straps.  Had I worn socks and shoes my feet would have been even cleaner, since they protect a larger area of my feet.

It’s kind of an illustration for our lives as Christians.  We walk through the world every day (literally), encountering people who don’t know Christ, movies and music that do anything but glorify him, and watch TV shows that some people probably wouldn’t even admit to watching.  All these things dirty us in very real ways (remember the song, “Oh be careful little eyes/ears what you see/hear”?)  As we interact with the world, it leaves its mark on us.

Except where we’ve protected ourselves by wearing the armor of God – where we’ve pulled His word over us and given Him complete control.  Then the dirt doesn’t come in, but gets deflected out.  Just like the sand on my feet.

Which makes me wonder – do I walk through life wearing sandals, shoes, or work boots?  Sometimes, to my shame, I’m probably walking bare-foot.  And when I do, all the filth and muck gets on me and leaves a stain.  Only when I fully and regularly surrender to God can I travel protected.

Which begs the question: what am I doing to protect myself?

Or, in your sense, what are you doing to protect yourself?  Prayer?  Bible reading?  Worship?  Fellowship with other believers?  Confession?  Surrender? Faith building?

What kind of shoes are you wearing today?


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