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Weekly Devotions from Landmark Baptist Church

A Year in Review (Issue 1.31)

Originally Written for 6/14/09

As this is the last newsletter for a couple of months, I want to share my thoughts on the past 11 months serving here at LBC.

Let me begin by saying it has been such a blessing to be your director, and I hope that you have enjoyed this past year in choir.  I have tried to stretch you in many ways, and I believe you’ve made some great strides in your musical skills.  Some key things we’ve focused on this year have been vowel formation, cut-offs, and phrasing in the music.  As I look back I see how much you’ve grown – this morning’s anthem was a great testimony to the work you’ve done.  Thank you for your had work and dedication.

We’ve also learned a lot of new music – from the Christmas cantata, to the Easter anthem with orchestra, to the numerous new anthems you’ve learned through the year.  As we enter the summer months some of those anthems may return (like this morning); we’ll also continue to pull out stuff from prior to my start here.

I’ve also worked to build a spiritual component into choir, and I hope you have found that.  These weekly devotionals are part of that, as is praying together as a group.  It is my goal and hope that you see the choir as  spiritual family of sorts.

As I look forward to the next choir year I have additional goals and ides to implement, and I hope you’ll be here to participate in those.  Know that I respect and value each of you, and I hope that you find the time absent from rehearsals refreshing, but also that it begins to build anticipation for returning together in the fall.  A date has not yet been set, but once it has we’ll make sure to announce it.

And when we do, please remember to invite others to join us.  I look forward to this time every week – it’s worshipful and fun.  And I want to share it with as many people who are willing to receive it.

Have a great summer.


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