Grace Notes

Weekly Devotions from Landmark Baptist Church

To Quote Someone Else (Issue 2.2)

Originally Written for 9/27/09

One thing I’ve come to enjoy over the years of being a music director is writing the weekly devotional for the choirs I serve.  But while I enjoy it, it does take time and effort and sometimes I have a hard time figuring out what to share and how to compose it.

As we prepare for this year’s Christmas canata, The Ornament, I will be taking a break from writing weekly devotionals.  That’s because there are devotionals written for groups that are preparing the musical – tied to the themes of the music and drama.  I figure, Why reinvent the wheel, so to speak.  So this will be my last devotional I write until Thanksgiving time (I plan to do my annual Thanksgiving list), and then I won’t write another one until after Christmas.

This week I do want to share some quotes that I’ve been meditating on over the past several weeks, though, and I hope you find they enrich your walk with your Saviour as they have mine.

“The open secret of healthy spiritual growth is to know and settle upon…Romans 8:28, 29.  When we see that all things are working together to make us more and more like the Lord Jesus, we will not be frustrated and upset when some of these ‘things’ are hard, difficult to understand, and often contain an element of death.” (Miles J. Stanford)

“Here is the ‘good’ for which God is working all things together – His original purpose of making us in His image, which is centered and expressed in His Son.” (Miles J. Stanford)

“[J]ust look at [Jesus].  Just be occupied with Him.  Forget about trying to be like Him.  Instead of letting that fill our mind and heart, let Him fill it.  Just behold Him, look upon Him through the Word.  Come to the Word for one purpose and that is to meet the Lord.  Not to get your mind crammed full of things about the sacred Word, but come to it to meet the Lord.  Make it to be a medium, not of Biblical scholarship, but of fellowship with Christ.” (Norman Douty)

“The effortless life is not the will-les slife.  We use our will to believe, to receive, but not to exert effort in trying to accomplish what only God can do.  Our hope for victory over sin is not ‘Christ plus my efforts,’ but ‘Christ plus my receiving.’  To receive victory from Him is to believe His Word that soley by His grace He is, this moment, freeing us from the dominion of sin.” (Charles Trumbull)

“We do not fight [spiritual battles] for victory, but from victory.” (Sorry, don’t remember who said this – either Chris Goins or Mark Driscoll)


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