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Worship – Part I (3.1)

Last June I wrote the following two paragraphs in the last devotional of the year:

Have you ever noticed on Sundays that there are actually people in the congregation that don’t look excited to be at church?  Have you ever noticed there are people in the choir that don’t look excited to be at church?  What is that all about?  I’ve actually seen people SITTING IN THEIR SEATS or standing WITH THEIR ARMS FOLDED when we sing “When Christ shall come, with shout of acclimation, and take me home, what joy shall fill my heart!”!

So over the next couple of months as you worship in the congregation (and not from on the platform), think about how your posture and body language either reinforce or contradict the words of the songs.

Now I know some of you have experienced what I’m talking about here, because as the Sunday School classes have sung on Sunday mornings I have had choir members come up to me and comment on the facial expressions (or lack there-of) made by the participants.  But here’s the real question: have you reflected on your posture during worship both in the congregation and on the stage?

I can tell you that over the past couple of months the Lord has really challenged me in this area (among others, especially in regards to worship).  I have had to re-examine my own physical expressions during worship even as I lead the congregation.

In addition to challenging me in my own personal worship attitudes and attributes I have also been challenged in how I lead both our church in worship and this choir.  One of the things we will begin to explore over the next several months is the concept of being a worship-leading choir (perhaps I should say “re-examine” since we have discussed this concept previously, though not in depth).  We have two primary jobs every Sunday – to worship God and also to lead the congregation to worship God as well.  The irony of the second is that we cannot do it without first doing the first – we cannot lead others into something we are not doing ourselves.

So over the next couple of weeks we’ll spend significant time studying worship so we can better understand how we as individuals worship, and then we’ll begin studying how we can best lead others into worship themselves.  I pray our time together will be transformational for both you and our congregation.

“O come let us sing unto the Lord.”


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