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Weekly Devotions from Landmark Baptist Church

Worship Part VI (3.6): A Brief Review

The past five devotionals have focused us on worship – from, what worship is, to how we worship as individuals, to preparing for worship, to leading in worship.  So let’s take today to simply review some of the things we’ve learned.

  • Our definition of worship: “Worship is our response to God’s revelation of who He is and what He has done.” (Week 2)
  • Worship is rooted in relationship and continually fosters that relationship between God and us. (Week 2)
  • Worship requires both the mind and the heart (Spirit and truth) (Week 2)
  • We must prepare for worship – both in the time leading up to the service on Sunday AM as well as the days and evenings beforehand. (Week 3)
  • We have two primary jobs every Sunday – to worship God and also to lead the congregation to worship God as well (Week 1)
  • Because one of our responsibilities on Sunday morning is to lead people in worship, we are a Worship Leading Choir (Week 4)
  • The choir leads in worship by (Week 5):
  1. Singing the climactic song of the service
  2. Teaching new songs to the congregation
  3. Practicing worship during rehearsal
  4. Internalizing the text of the songs (both congregational and choral) so they minister to our hearts.
  5. Modeling worship for others to see (including physical posture and facial expression)
  6. Worship throughout the week so that Sunday is an overflow of Monday-Saturday, not an isolated event we prepare for.

Where does that leave us now?  I would say we need to begin focusing on what worship means for us Monday through Saturday.  We’ve spent a lot of time looking at worship on Sunday morning, but if Sunday is to be an over-flow of Monday-Saturday relationship, what does that Monday-Saturday relationship look like?

That’s where we’ll go from here – and we’ll actually start that next week.  For this week, just think about how you worship God in the every day – remember that worship is responding to God – and then examine your response to him every moment of every day.


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