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Thanksgiving List 2010 (3.11)

(cross posted on Reflections of a Christian Daddy)

It’s time for my annual list of things I’m thankful for.  Every year I take some time to sit down and just write a list of everything I can think of to be thankful for – some are serious and some are fun – but I’m thankful for all of them.  As I’m sharing this with you remember that since this is my list there are many things on here you may not understand – and that’s okay, because it is my list and not yours.  While I do list some specific people on here, I don’t put last names so as not to appear to show any “favoritism” – just know that many people have similar names .  If you don’t see your name that doesn’t mean you’re not valued – it means you’re in here in some other way (for if you know me and are reading this then I am thankful for you).  So, with no further delay, here it is.  My thanksgiving list for 2010, in no particular order (I’ll write until I run out of room)…

Melissa, Chloe, Celeste.  Family (all of them), friends, and even pets.  Mac computers, iPads, iPods, but not cell phones.  Being able to type.  Fall leaves. Fall.  The mountains.  Rivers and lakes.  Family vacations.   Special “blessings” and surprises.  My church.  Pastor Bill.  Pastor Chris.  Pastor Dave.  Dave.  Andy.  Ken.  David.  (Jury is still out on Facebook).  Blogs (so I can keep up with friends all over!). ESV Study Bible.  Weekends away.  Trips to Sea World.  My job (both of the, actually).  Good, supportive, understanding bosses.  Randy.  Finished and completed work.  3:45 on Friday afternoon.  Mondays with now school. Grace.  Mercy.  Forgiveness.  God’s love.  A home (physical and spiritual).  A car. My Kestrel (even though she doesn’t get used much L)  The kayak.  New running shoes.  Nike+.  Backup plans, second chances – even third ones.  Books to read. DVR, dishwashers (both the mechanical and human brands!), working appliances, rakes, power lawnmowers, self-propelled lawnmowers.  Do-it-yourself projects, the swing set, time spent together, Mom and Dad, my in-laws, grandmas and grandpas, pianos, guitars, orchestras (at least the good ones J), Uno, Settlers, a couch in my office, afternoon naps, early morning jogs with Cosette, paperclips, pencils (actually, erasers!), fine-tip pens, staple removers, knowing how to type. Oreos, snickers, brownies, HT ice cream (since it’s cheaper!), BOGO ice cream, chocolate, pizza, coupons, fresh and clean water, running water, hot water, daily showers,

comfortable shoes, nice clothes, new clothes, a bed to sleep in, a safe neighborhood in which to live.  The car and the van, baby seats, guardian angels.  Government (most of the time), schools, leaders (at least the good ones), Steve Jobs (though the jury is still out on Bill Gates J), Mac compatible, laser printers, telephones (at home). Snow-globes.  Snuggling on the couch, wood burning fireplaces, “camp fires”, “firo”, “I wuv oo”, “Daddy”, faith in me, faith in God, the deck, trees to climb, “the woods”, pooper-scoopers (sure wouldn’t want to use my hands!) and clean litter boxes.  Picnic tables, umbrellas, fresh-water swimming, trips to Raleigh, museums, going to DC, tree-climbin’ and hammock nappin’, banana smoothies (especially if they have chocolate in them); apple-turkey glaze.  A good, quality piece of medium-rare steak with a side of potato. My choir.  The choir.  Being told “Thank-you” or “You made a difference”.  Being believed in and trusted.  Patience (in me and for others), not running out of gas.  New music.  Rejuvinating trips.  Lifeway.  Ridgecrest.  Worship Conference 2010.  Favorite books, hot chocolate, snuggling by the fire on a cold winter day with a blanket and a good book.  Grilling out.  Sleeping with the windows open (and not being afraid to do so).  The cross, the empty tomb, an eternal home, a second coming.  We win!  Cubs Win! (though it doesn’t happen very often).  Cordless mice, Bluetooth, briefcases (though not what I always care inside it), PocketFrogs, WMS, FMS, old friendships rekindled, new friendships started.  Magnets.  Being able to read.  Freedom to worship openly.  Freedom.  External hard drives, borrowed computers, paid-off bills, hospitals and doctors (for when we’re sick), “The journey begins”, “Jesus is a friend to me”,  Up North, fond memories, promises to be fulfilled, hope, Christmas trees and lights, Christmas cookies, a wife who cooks and bakes.  My wife and girls.  My great big God who knows me and loves me and takes care of me.  The Bible.  Musicals.  Dramas.  Theatre.  Life. Planet Earth. Great Migrations.  The Event (call me strange).  Star Trek (all of ‘em, especially TOS and TNG).   Everwood and Jericho (still miss those shows).  PD360.  Woody.  Pixar movies.  Family movie night.  Family game night.  Family night.  Tickles and giggles and bouncy houses.  Parks and slides and swings and adventurous surprises.  Candyland, Cootie, Chutes and Ladders.  Hugs and kisses, the hammock swing.  Being able to stay home and not go to work.


One comment on “Thanksgiving List 2010 (3.11)

  1. Carol
    November 21, 2010

    Tom, your list brings smiles and memories – thanks for sharing.
    Love you,

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